For some time, I have been collecting links and resources to help me improve my leadership, management and various other skills. I think I now have enough that it might help other people if I centralised the links and shared them with others.

I will use this post as my ‘hub’ and periodically update it with new resources as I find them. Note that many of these resources cover far more than the heading I have placed them under – it is well worth browsing around all of them in detail.

I find it useful to take notes in a ‘best book’ where I can centralise what I’ve learned, particularly as a reference for leadership and management advice.


If you have any questions or suggestions for additions, please let me know!



The Military Leader – Great articles and blog posts aimed at an officer/SNCO audience, but full of useful lessons for any leader.

EntreLeadership – Good articles and a great podcast on leadership.



ChangingMinds – Incredible website which holds a mine of information on psychology, social interaction and many other subjects.

SimplyPsychology – Great for building the basic psychological knowledge essential for understanding how people think and interact.

List of Cognitive Biases – Never believe your brain; question everything you think and make sure you’re not committing these!


MindTools – Deep website with a huge amount of free content on all aspects of management and leadership. A great starting point.

BusinessBalls – Wide range of business and management related advice.

Harvard Business Review – Various articles focused on business.

Inc. – Website of Inc. Magazine. All sorts of useful and thought provoking articles.


Public Speaking

SixMinutes – Very good blog on public speaking and presentational skills. – Useful, frank and surprisingly deep site with interesting design.

Toastmasters – International public speaking organisation. Clubs around the world and a number of good basic tips on their website.


Self Discipline/Motivation/Habit Building

James ClearExcellent website with information on forming positive habits, achieving your goals and developing self discipline.

Michael Hyatt – Fantastic website with a very good podcast; covers business matters as well as personal development. Host is an ordained priest but episodes are generally focused on matters other than religion.

Art of Manliness – Don’t be fooled by the title – it’s superficially aimed at men but in the most positive way possible: it promotes ‘manly’ values such as discipline, courage and strength which are useful to anyone. The podcasts are particularly good.



The Regimental Rogue – Amusing but educational site containing numerous historical documents and plenty of food for thought.

ARRSE E-Nirex – Useful documents for exercise and junior officer tasks.

Maneuver Self Study Programme –  Web content, books, articles, doctrine, films, lectures, and practical application exercises to help educate leaders about the nature and character of war.


Interviews/Job Hunting

Reed – Comprehensive website for advice on CV creation and job hunting.

Huffington Post – Articles on careers and finding jobs.



Current Affairs

The Economist – Well respected weekly paper discussing political and economic issues. Many free articles.

TweetDeck – Set up custom twitter searches and display them in columns. Incredibly useful for getting up-to-the-second information on anything being covered in social media.

Institute for the Study of War – Free, extremely detailed information and assessment on key conflict zones. Excellent weekly email.

Lawfare – Excellent and incisive analysis of international affairs. Great (free) email subscription service.

Foreign Policy in Focus – Another brilliant organisation covering foreign affairs.



TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) – Fantastic and inspiring video lectures, performances and ideas from people around the world.

Khan Academy – Free online courses in many subjects.

DuoLinguo – A free and highly effective way to learn a new language. Available as a mobile device app.

ThoughtCatalog – Despite some clickbait titles, often contains excellent and inspiring articles and creative writing.



Seas of Years – Rely on Thermal Winds

In the last few months I’ve rediscovered post-rock. I used to listen to a lot of Godspeed You Black Emperor! but didn’t delve much further into the genre until recently. Seas of Years are pretty exceptional — calming yet intense and really interesting to listen to. Highly recommended.

Antiserum & Mayhem – Hustle

What can I say? It makes me dance around like a robot, and that’s the sign of a great trap track.

The Gloaming – Opening Set

The Gloaming are something special. I was very lucky to be able to see them in Manchester recently as a birthday present from the lovely Miss Manley. We arrived at the gig a little late but it didn’t matter — we were swept up by the sonic whirlwind they created and the crowd went wild when they played two encores!

To hear Wikipedia tell it, “The Gloaming is a contemporary Irish music supergroup formed in Ireland in 2011 consisting of musicians Martin Hayes, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh, Dennis Cahill and New York pianist/producer Thomas Bartlett aka Doveman.”

That’s accurate, but it doesn’t tell you anything about the force of nature they create when they play together: beautiful music (mainly fiddle, piano and guitar) that generates wild emotions and irresistible foot tapping among its listeners. You must hear it to appreciate it.

This is an incredibly talented group of musicians making unbelievable music woven with beautiful stories. If you’re able to listen to this track without tapping your feet and wanting to shout and dance around the room, you’re not human.

Owl Flash

Owls flash amid darkening boughs
As I wander the shores of dusk
Scattering leaves as I pass

In half-remembered twilight
The clocks unwind
With crepuscular bliss

Inky light ebbs
In the leaves
And stirs the drowsy season

Gentle darkness folds its wings
Nestling in the mist
To await the distant thaw

FM-84 – Running In The Night

This is a brilliant future retro/synthwave/fake 80s/whatever-you’d-like-to-call-it track. Huge synths, echoing drums and vocals to belt out with the windows down. I’ve loved this style of music for a long time — it’s just great fun to listen to, particularly in the car singing at full volume. The video’s pretty cool too — miles of beaches drenched in sunset and the obligatory city lights at the end. The stuff dreams are made of.

Also, I wonder if the title is a tribute to this classic Lionel Richie track. The video to it is hilarious but great fun to watch. 100% 80s!

The Paper Kites – Electric Indigo

I found this one while listening to a load of synthwave. I think it’s a beautiful song with a great melody and I really enjoyed the video. Short, simple and well shot — I’m a sucker for fake 80s…