For some time, I have been collecting links and resources to help me improve my leadership, management and various other skills. I think I now have enough that it might help other people if I centralised the links and shared them with others.

I will use this post as my ‘hub’ and periodically update it with new resources as I find them. Note that many of these resources cover far more than the heading I have placed them under – it is well worth browsing around all of them in detail.

I find it useful to take notes in a ‘best book’ where I can centralise what I’ve learned, particularly as a reference for leadership and management advice.


If you have any questions or suggestions for additions, please let me know!



The Military Leader – Great articles and blog posts aimed at an officer/SNCO audience, but full of useful lessons for any leader.

EntreLeadership – Good articles and a great podcast on leadership.

3×5 Leadership – “Your foremost digital leadership development resource”. Great mailing list.

The Company Leader – Great blog on tactical-level leadership.

The Field Grade Leader – “Your journey from small unit to organisational level leader.”



ChangingMinds – Incredible website which holds a mine of information on psychology, social interaction and many other subjects.

SimplyPsychology – Great for building the basic psychological knowledge essential for understanding how people think and interact.

List of Cognitive Biases – Never believe your brain; question everything you think and make sure you’re not committing these!


MindTools – Deep website with a huge amount of free content on all aspects of management and leadership. A great starting point.

BusinessBalls – Wide range of business and management related advice.

Harvard Business Review – Various articles focused on business.

Inc. – Website of Inc. Magazine. All sorts of useful and thought provoking articles.


Public Speaking

SixMinutes – Very good blog on public speaking and presentational skills. – Useful, frank and surprisingly deep site with interesting design.

Toastmasters – International public speaking organisation. Clubs around the world and a number of good basic tips on their website.


Self Discipline/Motivation/Habit Building

James ClearExcellent website with information on forming positive habits, achieving your goals and developing self discipline.

Michael Hyatt – Fantastic website with a very good podcast; covers business matters as well as personal development. Host is an ordained priest but episodes are generally focused on matters other than religion.

Art of Manliness – Don’t be fooled by the title – it’s superficially aimed at men but in the most positive way possible: it promotes ‘manly’ values such as discipline, courage and strength which are useful to anyone. The podcasts are particularly good.



The Regimental Rogue – Amusing but educational site containing numerous historical documents and plenty of food for thought.

ARRSE E-Nirex – Useful documents for exercise and junior officer tasks.

Maneuver Self Study Programme –  Web content, books, articles, doctrine, films, lectures, and practical application exercises to help educate leaders about the nature and character of war.



Interviews/Job Hunting

Reed – Comprehensive website for advice on CV creation and job hunting.

Huffington Post – Articles on careers and finding jobs.



Current Affairs

The Economist – Well respected weekly paper discussing political and economic issues. Many free articles.

TweetDeck – Set up custom twitter searches and display them in columns. Incredibly useful for getting up-to-the-second information on anything being covered in social media.

Institute for the Study of War – Free, extremely detailed information and assessment on key conflict zones. Excellent weekly email.

Lawfare – Excellent and incisive analysis of international affairs. Great (free) email subscription service.

Foreign Policy in Focus – Another brilliant organisation covering foreign affairs.



TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) – Fantastic and inspiring video lectures, performances and ideas from people around the world.

Khan Academy – Free online courses in many subjects.

DuoLinguo – A free and highly effective way to learn a new language. Available as a mobile device app.

ThoughtCatalog – Despite some clickbait titles, often contains excellent and inspiring articles and creative writing.



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