Day Wave – Come Home Now

I adore this song.

I first heard it in November 2015, just after it was released, driving back from Durham after attending a lecture at the university there. I tuned into Annie Mac’s weeknight show on Radio 1 and this gem started playing. It felt completely out of season but I was transfixed!

I love the warm guitar and synth tones, the lo-fi vocals, the lazy drumming. It perfectly evokes glorious summer days and evenings spent with friends.It’s the kind of track that’s best played loud over a car stereo while the sun goes down. I was also really impressed to find out that it was all recorded and produced by one guy, though he has a live band for gigs.

I remember Annie saying that the song didn’t have a video at the time, but that she imagined it would be a sped-up video of friends driving to the beach on a beautiful day. Presumably in California, with surfboards strapped to the roof of a day-glo VW Camper. The video, now that it exists, is in a very similar vein. It fits well.


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